Monday, 4 January 2016

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is a process comprises of many techniques, investing,  acquire new knowledge and correcting previous knowledge. 

Personal point: This could help us when we are experimenting during our ISS project. It helps to guide our thought process and during our experiments. 

When we use this method, our project would be organised and be smooth-sailing.

The step that would be most useful to us is the "Do Background Research" as it is something that we don't do but it is extremely useful and knowing what we are dealing with is helpful and useful to us. 

Hence, to us, this method is helpful to us and it is a framework for us to start our planning before we start the experiment.  

Intro about us!:D

Hi! We are from the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. This is Group C from S2-06, with Chai Ning, Sarah Tan and Megan Seto(from left to right) and we love to spend our time together.

We are going to research about water qualities by experimenting on the different types of water like tap water, canal water, and reservoir water.